Art in Progress for the 2014 Salon


Ken Chapin of Kansas City, painting along the Illinois River, North of Tahlequah


Michele Wells of St. Louis, pastel-ing the sunset.

The 2014 Illinois River Salon is still three months away, but many artists are gathering reference from the swelling waters, lush landscapes, and amazing cloud shows. Don’t let the deadline of September 2nd catch you off guard! Remember, this show is not a plein air show necessarily. The organizers of the show want work “inspired” by the Illinois River Watershed, and it is assumed that you as the artist are gathering reference from the watershed. Many of the pieces last year were done or completed in the studio. To read more about the show, go to the prospectus here.



  Bill Garrison wrote @

We managed to get there during peak dogwood bloom this Spring. Did some plein air painting and brought back hundreds of photos. Found the Dave Morrison Ranch very inspiring and Dave was very accommodating.

  Robin Hazard-Bishop wrote @

Artwork submitted for the Illinois River Salon must not exceed 30″ in either height or width, not including the frame. Does the frame include the mat? Say 30″ x 30″ art, mat 5″ all around and frame 3″ all around, is this ok?

  jiv wrote @

Meets the criteria, so go for it Robin

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