Founders Will Conduct the First Heart of America Art Workshop


We’re calling it the “Experimental Painting Workshop”. There will be dual instruction by both Todd A. Williams and John P. Lasater IV. This is a different kind of workshop…a chance to try things you maybe never have, in addition to some very important basics. If you come with an open mind and spirit, it should be a freeing environment to discover what excites you as an artist. All levels of skill are invited.

It will be held August 8-9, 2014 at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, in their beautiful new studios. Workshop cost is $225 for 2014 members of Heart of America Artists’ Association and $250 for non members. Lodging and meals at John Brown University can be provided at a VERY reasonable rate (Last year it was something like $18/night for lodging). Ask about it when you sign up. Contact Bob Martin at for more information.

[This workshop is part of the John Brown University Art Workshop Series, sponsored by the JBU Department of Visual Arts.]



  Bill & Gloria wrote @


Tell me a little more about this workshop. Gloria and I are considering taking it. Are we going to be painting from models, still life set-up, or photographs? What will we be experimenting with?

A little more information please.

We thought about attending your Crystal Bridges Tour but the forecast sounds a little icy for the trip home. I think we will pass.

Thanks, Bill & Gloria

  jiv wrote @

Hi Bill, thanks for inquiring. We were keeping some of those questions open as we develop the idea further, but ideally, we’ll be using either photographs or perhaps some still life setups. Instead of the focus being on the importance of painting from life, we wanted to focus on abstraction, edge variation, textures, deconstruction, etc. This one is going to push Todd and I as well, so we feel it will be valuable to even seasoned veterans like you guys. :) Hope you can make it! John

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