“Day at The Museum” Coming Up


This is a members-only event. On February 28 from 1pm till 5pm, founders Todd and John will host “A Day at the Museum”, featuring a personal tour at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art with artistic insight on some of our favorite masterful paintings from the early Colonial 19th century to the late 20th century collections. It will wrap up with a visit to the Crystal Bridges art studios by Lori Lincks, the Public Programs Museum Educator, who will tell us about upcoming educational opportunities. We will meet in the lobby at 12:45pm. Please RSVP at info@heartofamericaartists.com



  karolynk2012 wrote @

I hope to attend. Thanks, Karolyn Farrell

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  karolynk2012 wrote @

Oh I see now, my husband has tests at WRMed center that day so I will just have to see how things go. Karolyn . I will come if I can

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  kajofish wrote @

I plan to be there, weather permitting. Looking forward to it!

Kat Fisher

  jiv wrote @

Hope you can come Kat. Thanks!

  Becky Moore wrote @

I plan to be there weather permitting. Margie Moss and I plan to come together.
Becky Moore

  jiv wrote @

Wonderful, Becky! Thanks for the RSVP.

  Helen Kunze wrote @

Hi John and Todd,
Becky Golubski and I are coming next Friday and would like to join your group. We shared this post/invite on our day trippers plein air group page. Hopefully we’ll get a few more to join us! How much is it to join? Thanks for the invite! Helen Kunze

  jiv wrote @

Helen! So glad your joining us. It’s 25 for membership, but then submitting for the Illinois River Salon will be less money. Hope you guys will plan on entering the Salon. Anyway, there’s a way to sign up for membership on our blog. Or you can just bring a check when you come. See you Fri.

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