Winners of the 2013 Illinois River Salon

Congratulations to this years winners announced last night before the crowd of about 200 artists and patrons. The winners are listed below, and were judged by Andy Thomas, of Carthage, Missouri:

$2,500 Best of Show went to Bill Garrison for “Sunrise at City Lake”, oil, $2,000.


$1,000 Osage Creek Award: Karolyn Farrell for “Misty Morning at Flint Creek”, oil, $1,200.


$1,000 Spring Creek Award went to Jason Sacran for “Camping on the Illinois”, oil, $2,800.


$1,000 Clear Creek Award went to L.S. Eldridge for “Hear the Tiny Echo”, transparent watercolor, $1,257


$1,000 Sager Creek Award went to Charles Harrington for “Creek Textures”, acrylic, $1,900


$1,000 Flint Creek Award went to Donna Jackson for “No Head Hollow”, oil, $1,200.


These six paintings will be on display tonight at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas during the “Restoration of Our Rivers” conference. Click here to see the catalog of all 50 paintings in the show. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated!



  Vicki Louise Neil Ross wrote @

Great choices…by Andy. Every one had water, BTW. Hint for next year :)

  Gil Adams wrote @

I would like to express my appreciation for the hard work that went into this exhibit. I’m sure the other artists know how much effort something like this takes. Great exhibition, lit nicely and super location. Excellent paintings chosen for the awards. A home run!

  Erika wrote @

Eldridge didn’t have water but it’s a lovely painting! Thanks again so much for all the hard work!

  Gayla Parks wrote @

Love these paintings! Wonderful showing.

  Sam Goade wrote @

My lovely wife Theresa purchased Sunrise at City Lake for my birthday. It is a lovely painting and I am very proud to own it and display the painting in our home. Thank you Theresa!

  jiv wrote @

Sam, thanks to you and Theresa for supporting the show! Happy Birthday too!

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