Map of Painting Spots

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.40.08 PM
View Illinois River Watershed Painting Spots in a larger map

John Lasater here. I’m beginning a personal journey that I want to share with you. Living right here in the Illinois River watershed, I’ve never made a map of ideal plein air painting locations.Arkansas is untamed country and it can be difficult to find access to vistas and creek scenes. Over the next month, I plan to quest the Illinois River Watershed area to find those places and share them with you. Of course, this is important because the call for entries for the 2013 Illinois River Salon began a week ago. I hope you plan on submitting your work!

I’ve only begun, and the map linked HERE is where I will share my findings. If you would like to collaborate with me as you locate spots, please let me know and I’ll add them to the map. Soon I hope to also add photos of the scenes I am finding.



  Bill & Gloria wrote @

Thanks John,

Very nice of you to do this. I was wondering how I was going to find all the good locations not being familiar with the area. You are a true friend. We will be up that way in the next few weeks. Hope to see you there.

Bill & Gloria Garrison

  jiv wrote @

You’re very welcome Bill and Gloria. Keep checking back. More to come.

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